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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

On this page we share with you some of the frequent questions we receive.  Feel free contact us if you need more help.  We are here to help you.

Do you accept insurance?

Yes, but only for mental health services (individual, couple, and family). We primarily accept NM Medicaid plans and some Commercial insurance. Please contact us to find out more.

  • Presbyterian

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • Western Skies

  • Aetna

  • Optum/ United Healthcare

For Adoption and Parenting Consultation, we are currently accepting self-pay only.

How much do you charge?

For Self-Pay services or Out-of-Network clients:

  • $130 Individual Session (50 min)

  • $150 Couples and Family Session (50 min)

  • $150 Adoption and Parenting Consultation (50 min)

Why do self-pay?

We hesitate to work with insurance, as they typically require therapists to assign a diagnosis, a process that, in the long run, labels and pathologizes individuals. When a diagnosis is attached to your medical records, this may affect your rates and eligibility for future needs such as health insurance, life insurance, and employment. Since insurance companies pay for your treatment and have access to your records, in many cases, they can set the pace of your treatment progress. They may deny coverage if they determine it is not medically necessary. We believe you should be allowed to progress in treatment at a rate that works best for you.

Do you offer in-person sessions?

At this time, we are only providing telehealth services to all clients. We will provide any updates when this changes.

What is your cancellation policy?

We require a 48-business hour notice for cancellations. If not, you will be charged the full fee for the session.

How do I get started?

Book a consultation. We offer a free initial 15-30-minute consultation to talk about expectations, our therapeutic processes, and payment.

How do I log into for my telehealth appointment?

Just log into your Simple Practice portal (link)

Book a Consultation Now

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