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Support Groups

Support Groups

You are not alone, let's work together!

Our goal is to provide a safe space for people to share their personal experiences and empower others who are also dealing with mental health challenges. 


Youth Therapy

Adoptees have the chance to share their life transition journey in a group setting led by a clinician. This helps to prevent isolation and increase camaraderie. They can develop skills and access tailored resources and materials while preserving the small-group atmosphere. The space is limited to 6 people. (Coming Spring 2024)

You can get:

  • Teens can recharge their energy and direct their strong emotions by finding a community where they belong, creating meaningful connections, and receiving recognition.

  • Some possible topics for conversation include family relationships, coping with loss, overcoming negative patterns passed down through generations, navigating romantic relationships, and discovering and expressing your true cultural identity.

Includes: 8-weeks @ $75 for each 90min session 



Parenting Groups

Our support group is open to any parents/caregivers who are considering or have already started the adoption process and want to learn and receive guidance on how to support youth and teens through difficult situations. We provide helpful resources for parents and offer a safe space for discussion. This is a 4-week small group facilitated by bilingual and culturally competent therapist Alejandra Biehl, MA, LMSW.

You can get:

  • A safe space to talk about parenting challenges and topics such as youth gender identity and sexuality.

  • Skills to maintain good mental health, & self-care practices.

  • Pratical interventions to manage conflict and reluctance to respect family agreements. 

Includes: 50-55 Minute Telehealth session for $130 USD 


We accept NM Medicaid and Commercial plans.
Presbyterian, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Western Skies, Aetna, United Healthcare, and Molina.
Self Pay options also available. 


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